pretty little liars

pretty little liars
best show ever

Friday, June 8, 2012


unicorn meat?
apparently: unicorn meat is an "Excellent source of sparkles! Unicorns, as we all know, frolic all over the world, pooping rainbows and marshmallows wherever they go. What you don't know is that when unicorns reach the end of their lifespan, they are drawn to County Meath, Ireland. The Sisters at Radiant Farms have dedicated their lives to nursing these elegant creatures through their final days. Taking a cue from the Kobe beef industry, they massage each unicorn's coat with Guinness daily and fatten them on a diet comprised entirely of candy corn. As the unicorn ages, its meat becomes fatty and marbled and the living bone in the horn loses density in a process much like osteoporosis. The horn's outer layer of keratin begins to develop a flavor very similar to candied almonds. Blending the crushed unicorn horn into the meat adds delightful, crispy flavor notes in each bite. We are confident you will find a world of bewilderment in every mouthful of scrumptious unicorn meat."

Does anyone else find this disturbing? i mean who would want to eat unicorn meat, even if they taste like rainbow flavored marshmallows with a hint of candy corn! lets at least see what we are eating first...
Diagram Partsall parts of the unicorn seem delightful but can we really eat  "hugs", or "smiles", or even "dreams"... i don't think so! so if u decide do buy this "delicious" meal, don't because even if you think it would be nice to let your children eat "wishes!" ITS JUST WRONG!!!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

the galaxy

mi fone (THE GALAXY) is d best fone evr cuz u can use d voice ting wen u r txting & it comz w/ automatic :) faces & wen d faces come on d screen dey turn into aliens cuz d galaxy is an android fone & d alien is d android's character c...

aint it cute!!!!!:* wow i need mi own logo!!!!! O_o

ill get back 2 u on dat...



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

listen up

i have something to tell you! stay tuned.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

who am i

1. his favorite color is baby blue
2. he was a model when he was 11
3. he played on sharkboy and lava girl
4. his favorite flavor of ice cream is cake batter
5. he started karate at age 6
6. in 2004 he voiced "youngblood" from danny phantom
7. his middle name is Daniel
8. his birthday is on february 11, 1992

who am i

Saturday, March 5, 2011


what does it take to have a brother that loves you. love him back. a brother cant handle only 4 ounces of love, he can handle way more. evan more than 190,263,754 gallonsof love. evan if he is 1 and a half he is still your brother you know? he loves football, and evan loves kicking and throwing well E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. oh and the bad thing was that he loves veggies more than MEAT!!!! ISNT THAT CRAZY!!!!! i love him but he yells and crys to much butthats what babys do. alot of the time he is the cuddle bug of the house, and when he isnt snuggling he is either outside or playing with his toys. esspecially his football. man does that thing fly- but like 1 foot in the air and 3 feet in front of him. but still it is a really..............................great throw.
like him, love him
hate him, play with him
love him-just love him, it saves the trouble of thinking of all of those comebacks all night long. only if he could give a "REPLY".
believe it or not

-love yah, bye

Thursday, November 4, 2010